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Everything You Need to Know About Cruising the Nile

The Nile cruise was a memorable part of the Egyptian culture since the times of the pharaohs. These days, an excursion on the river a part of virtually every Egypt Holiday Packages tour to the nation but it is still among the best ways to enjoy the sights.

Introduction to Nile cruising

This is still among the best ways to see the ancient sites and sample the peaceful life across the river, seeing scenes that have not changed for centuries. Nile cruising has a well-recognized history f95zone. Thomas Cook, a printer from Leicester, England, and a member of the Temperance Society, decided to market tourism in the 1840s to divert individuals from drunken idleness.

Overview of Nile cruise ships


Feluccas are easy, triangular-sailed boats carrying between six and eight passengers. Sleeping arrangements are communal, with mattresses on the deck, and the captain and his team take care of foods. You will have to take with you lots of water to drink, a sleeping bag and toilet paper. Toilet facilities are essential. Because they don’t need special mooring websites, they could stop at little islands and get closer to the ancient temples. Eco-travelers f95 zone, people who have a feeling of adventure and a restricted budget, people who enjoy ”authentic” experiences and the opportunity to meet locals. While tour operators do reserve feluccas, its it’s just as easy to negotiate directly with the captain. The Aswan or Luxor tourist offices can provide you with a simple guide as to what you should be paying.

Nile cruise ships

Guests have their cabins, and entertaining activities are organized daily. When choosing your boat, remember you get what you pay for. More expensive boats generally have fewer and larger cabins and will make an effort to prepare decent food. All ships provide guides to accompany passengers into the websites, and a few have small libraries on Egyptian culture and history f 95 zone. Tourists who like package tours and place itineraries like the safety of package; those who wish to experience Egypt yet do not want to give up home conveniences.

Booking a cruise boat

Competition is fierce as there are now numerous boats on the Nile, so you should be able to negotiate a fair deal. If booking before arrival, check what attributes your boat will have and that you’re aware of any additional charges once you are there. Or you can book a cruise when you have arrived in Egypt fzone95. Your very best bet is to ask to speak with the ship’s supervisor rather than the captain. Competition amongst cruise ships is large, so if you’re able to wait until a boat is just about to leave, you’ll get the best bargain. Assess your room in advance before parting with any cash and have a walk-around to determine onboard facilities. Ensure the cost includes all extras and that you won’t get hit for developments after leaving port. Cost-cutting options include picking a boat moored further along the riverbank or wedged between other ships and the lacking Nile views 95zone.


Dahabiyas are well constructed wooden boats with cabins driven by two lateen sails. Some of these boats are restored; others are being built in the same style but are much smaller than the cruise boats. They make the journey from Luxor to Aswan gradually, typically carrying six or seven days and stopping at sites like Jabal Silsilla and Al Qab, where the larger boats cannot maneuver. A chef on board cooks new food purchased daily from the markets and farmers across the river.


To conclude I would say that cruises are not just for seeing iconic sights and amazing landmarks, you will have the most amazing experiences f95zon. Undoubtedly there is no better place in the world where you can sail on a traditional felucca, watch some belly dancing and make enjoy the most delicious food.

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