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Should You Go For Square Foot Gardening?

If you have less time and space but love to do gardening, square foot gardening might be the perfect option for you. Square foot gardening allows the gardeners to grow bountiful and robust gardens with less effort, space, and time. They look much more beautiful than the traditional backyard gardens, and they require less effort on your part as well. Does look like a win-win. Let’s understand what exactly square foot gardening is?

Square foot gardening is when the vegetable planter boxes used are of 1 square foot sections. Due to this, square foot gardening can easily maximize your gardening space by allowing you to plant the raised garden beds in a gridwork. If you decide to go with square foot gardening, you will have to conduct some initial planning sessions. But this method allows you to get the maximum out of your garden.

Square Foot Gardening’s Many Advantages

Harvest with High Yield and Smaller Footprint

Creating a dense garden bed in a tiny area of your yard will result in a highly productive garden. When space is an issue, square foot gardening is an ideal solution.

It’s easy to maintain

With a densely populated, space-saving garden, you’ll have to do less labor. Plants that are closely packed together act as a natural mulch, keeping weeds from taking over the garden bed and reducing the frequency with which they must be pulled out. It takes less time to water and harvest because everything is concentrated in one convenient location. In addition, your plants will undertake a lot of the work of feeding, repelling pests, and providing vital shading when you co-plant your square foot garden grid with excellent companion plants.

Setup in a Flash

Building and planting square foot gardens can be accomplished in a short time. A raised garden bed is ideal for novice gardeners because it doesn’t require much time and effort to get started.

The ease with which vertical gardening can be accomplished

Vertical climbing structures and trellises can be placed directly into the sidewalls of the garden boxes in a square foot garden. Plants like pole beans and cucumbers can be grown vertically without burying their roots.

Square Foot Gardening’s downsides


The cost of building and stocking a raised bed with the right soil and a slew of plants is not insignificant. Although this structure will remain for many seasons, it’s a wonderful investment in your future gardens, and the vast amount of densely packed plants will generate a large yield that will pay for itself in fruits.

Troubleshooting Deep Soil Issues

Square foot gardening typically necessitates galvanized planter boxes with a maximum depth of six inches. Vegetables that need to go deep into the soil to obtain important minerals may struggle in this shallow garden bed. We recommend increasing the depth of your square foot garden bed to at least 12 inches.

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